In-office whitening

The Zoom! Chairside System is one of the fastest ways to whiten. The procedure begins with the preparation stage followed by three 15 minutes sessions of bleaching. The hydrogen peroxide gel accompanied with the Zoom! Light is the perfect combination in achieving an excellent result in just an hour!  To watch the procedure step-by-step, simply follow this link

*Cleaning is recommended prior to the Zoom! Whitening session.

Take-home whitening

The custom-tray whitening system can be done in the comfort of your own home, whilst sleeping! After taking impressions of your teeth, we can supply you with a whitening kit to take home. This kit consists of customized trays and bleaching gel which will achieve a bright white smile in just 5 to 8 days. Thereafter, this kit can be used once a month to boost and maintain that new shade.

*Cleaning is recommended prior to using the Custom-tray system.