If dental decay has gone too deep it causes the dental pulp (which consists of nerves and blood vessels) to become inflamed. When this occurs you may experience symptoms of toothache or a tooth abscess may develop. In this case, it’s likely that a Root Canal Treatment is needed to save the diseased tooth.

The dentist will start RCT after a thorough check of the tooth and surrounding tissue. To control the pain and inflammation, the dentist will extract the pulp, dress the the canals with medication and then seal with temporary filling. A week is usually needed toallow the medication to work in the canals.

On your next visit, the dentist will further clean and shape the affected roots with dental files. Again the tooth is then temporary filled with medication dressed in canals. This treatment may continue for more than one visit until the root canals are infection free.

Once the root canals are cleaned and infection free, it’s ready to proceed with the root canal filling down to the tip with permanent filling. If the size of the restoration is large, a crown may be suggested to protect the filling and tooth structure in the near future.

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