A filling is used to restore a damaged tooth. The two types of filling materialcommonly used by dentistsare Amalgam alloy and Composite resin. A discussion with thedentist is importantin determining which filling material is most appropriate for your tooth restoration.

Amalgam is a mercury blend material which is silver in colour. The metal components of amalgam provide a harder and durable filling at a less expensive price. Amalgam is useful on molar tooth restorations, where it benefits the chewing function and the metal appearance would be less of a concern. The amalgam filling procedure is simpler but sometimes requires more tooth removal for cavity preparation.

Composite filling material is commonly used for most teeth restorations. It’s the combination of artificial porcelain in plastic resin which can provide a colour shade match closer to a person’s tooth colour and better bonding to the cavity surface. The composite filling procedure is more complicated but less tooth structure is removed during cavity preparation. Composite filling material may not be a viable option in situations where the damage is too largr and the remaining tooth is not healthy.